TAP TIP no.47 – A Simple Way to Display your Holiday Cards! ❄️⛄️???

May your days be Merry and Bright!! ❄️⛄️??

One of the greatest things about the holidays are all those fabulous Holiday cards that come in the mail!!! Am I right? It just warms your heart to receive them!!! ❤️ 

<side note: our “New Years Cards” are still on their way! Eeek! At this point, we should just call them Valentine’s cards! ??☺️>

But I’m always caught wondering how I want to display them… ? And this year, I think I figured it out!! I’d love them to be visible right as we enter our home – because what better way to be greeted every time you come home than with love from your family and friends??? ☺️❤️ So there’s a closet you’re facing right as you enter our home, and I was trying to figure a way to hang them there….  Simple! 

Twine! Tape! Clothes Pins! Annnd Vuala!!

Super quick! Super easy! And I love the way it turned out!!! (the pics don’t do it justice) 

Ok, how I did it: 

All you need is twine/jute, painter’s tape and a bunch of clothes pins. Find a door or cupboard you’d like to display them on, dangle the twine as you wish on the front and with painter’s tape, tape the twine right there on the sides of the door/cupboard. Then open the door/cupboard fully to give yourself enough f a gap to feed the twine through the side where the hinges are, and then tie a knot on the ends of the twine and tape just before that knot – this will help it hold better (see pic below), as the cards get pretty heavy the more you put up! 

And that’s it! The thinner the twine, the better, as you won’t be able to close the door too well with thicker twine, so just keep that in mind…  but otherwise that’s it! 
Now sit back, and enjoy the wall O’ love! 

Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!! 

Yes, I’m still saying it.   🙂

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