Not your typical kale salad 

Ok mamas and daddios! Here’s a new take on your typical Kale salad! Jeff made it for a midweek dinner date / potluck with friends (midweek potlucks are SUCH a great and easy way to break up the week!!).  And it was deeeeeelish!!! 



Apple Chunks

Dried Cranberries 


Green Scallions 


Shaved Parmesan 

Cracked Black Pepper

Flax Seed (super high on fiber and the added flavor is so yummy! We LOVE them, and have been adding them to lots of different dishes lately – cereal, yogurt, smoothies, stirfries, salads)

And the dressing we added went perfectly! Roasted Asian Sesame Dressing! Yummmm!!!! My mouth is watering again now, just thinking about it! 

Any other yummy Kale salad recipes out there? Would love to try some! Share yours below!!! ?? 

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