TAP Tip no.44 – My mini-restaurant kit… Don’t leave home without it!!


I had a lil ladies night a while back, where a few mom friends and I got together at my house  –  with wine and cheese, of course 🙂  –  and actually made some Pinterest pinned items (ha!), and compiled them into Restaurant/Travel Kits for our Little Ones.  You can click here for the link to that post, to see what we did and how we did it.  It was TONS of fun and they worked great, especially for our multiple trips across the country with our little guy!

But for everyday use, that kit is just a bit much…  Yes, I cooouuuld “easily” just pull one different activity bag off each time I leave the house, but let’s be real.  Who’s got the time and mental space for that?!  Hahaha

So instead, I’ve made just ONE little ziplock bag that I just keep in my purse at all times now!  It has the best of the best for keeping my little guy entertained, and these particular items seem to work REALLY well with his little friends too, so I thought I’d share it here!

It’s suuuuuper simple, suuuper inexpensive, and super effective!! Not a bad trio, eh?  🙂

  • Mini Legos
  • A Matchbox Car and/or Airplane (this may be “boy-specific”, so feel free to switch this out for something your little gal might like more)
  • A couple random goodies (ideally, these would be switched out every so often to keep it interesting)   🙂
  • Crayons and a couple pages of white plain printer paper folded (though most restaurants carry crayons these days)
  • And Flash Cards –
    • I got mine in the dollar section at Target, but either of these would work!


The random things in this pic, are truly random.  But he LOVES them!  Hahaha.  Probably because they are sooooo random.  A toy plant, a finger flashlight, a purple skeleton, and a tiny football helmet (his favorite).

These drinks shown in the pic below, followed by some uninterrupted adult conversations, were made possible by that kit!   🙂


What’s in your Mama Mary Poppins purse these days??  Let us know, below!


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