Halloween Weekend – plus Kids Party Activities and Tips!


Happy Belated Halloween from our Super Hero family to yours!!!

We’re finally resurfacing after a crazy fun-filled Halloween weekend… that just wouldn’t end!  Haha!  🙂  Who decided to have Halloween on a Monday?!?  That’s a dirty trick.  All that really meant is that you had to party from Thursday all the way through to Monday, which is truly waaaaaaay too much partying  …even for me.    😉

We ended up having 21 adults and 15 kids under ONE roof, for our Thursday evening toddler Halloween Party!  Whoa!  I didn’t think everyone would say yes (ha!), but I am soooooo glad they did, because we were able to make it work, and it was SUCH a BLAST!!!!  All the way down to the toddler dance party at the end!!!  🙂

I went a little Pinterest crazy pre-party and included a number of toddler/kids activities and a craft – ALL of which are inexpensive and incorporate a lot of the stuff you probably already have laying around the house, and ALL of which could be slightly modified to be used for ANY future toddler/kids party — birthday, holiday, etc.  So I wanted to share them with you here!

They ended up being so great, that most of them are still up!  Ha!  Our Little Man won’t stop playing with them…

I’ll definitely be using some version of these again for future parties!!!


Spooky Balloon Maze!

Inspired by this post on Pinterest, this ended up being a BIG HIT! It looks more time consuming than it actually was to set up!  I recommend measuring out one streamer, and then just using that one as your guide with the rest, as you go through and simply tear them by hand, and just drape them over the top/back of a chair or ladder.  Then tear a bunch of small strips of tape (I recommend using painters tape),  and stick them all over the top of that chair or ladder.  Now just work your way down the hallway, alternating back and forth between black and orange – you can space them more than you think.  Once all the streamers are hung, you simply blow up balloons, and using the same tape (or cheaper masking tape) to tape the balloons to the streamers.  And vuala!  The kids LOVED to run up and down the hallway, and bounce the balloons off their hands and heads.  Of course, these little guys also loved tugging on them and tearing them down, but hey, that’s just part of it.  They had fun doing both!  🙂

This below picture is what it is supposed to look like.  Hahaha.  And the one below that is what ours looked like, by the end of the party…  🙂   Sorry I don’t have a better pic of ours.

This could easily be used for any other parties, by simply changing out the colors to fit your theme!

hallway-of-balloons-and-streamers  img_9180

Make a Spider Craft!

Inspired by this post on Pinterest, I set up our outdoor picnic table in our sun room with a table cloth underneath the table (to protect the carpet) and the kids made their own paper plate spiders!  Because we couldn’t find colored paper plates with the bottom side also colored, we ended up just spending some quality family time one evening after dinner, painting the bottom side of all the plates!  Ha!  It ended up being a LOT more fun that we had anticipated… and naturally, Thatcher LOVED it!  We used those sponge paint brush things and just your standard acrylic paint.  We stuck Thatch in his high chair with a full body bib (LOVE THESE BIBS), laid down some Trader Joes paper bags, and started painting!  Thatch started most of them, and then handed them to us to finish.  He left that session knowing his colors!  At least, blue, black and yellow.   🙂

As for the activity itself, small appetizer plates worked fine for little kids (and was less surface area to paint!).  🙂   You need a few glue sticks, a few tape dispensers, a few staplers with lots of staples, a bag of googly eyes, a single hole puncher, string, and enough pipe cleaners to have 8 legs per spider.  You can cut the pipe cleaners into 3rds using your kitchen sheers – the size for the legs works better with the smaller plates and you save on the number of pipe cleaners you use.  🙂

As for making the spider… the instructions are as follows:

  1. Pick your colors (2 plates for body and 8 legs)
  2. On the bottom (painted) side of one plate, load on LOTS of glue stick and have your kiddo stick some googly eyes onto the plate
  3. On the top (not painted) side of the other plate, tape down the 8 spider legs around the rim of the plate so they stick out as far as possible
  4. Staple the spider’s body together (3 on top, 3 on bottom, and 1 on each side)
  5. Hole punch the top and tie a string

Vuala!  You’re done!

To modify this for another party or occasion, simply change the subject from a spider to …. a sun with rays, a flower with pedals (round the pipe cleaners), a Valentines present for the Grandparents (add a photo of your kids), a Christmas ornament (add lots of glitter!)!  🙂  The possibilities are endless and it’s super easy and fun!

img_9308 img_9304


Feed the Monster!

Inspired by this post on Pinterest, my husband and I made this little monster guy out of 2 cardboard boxes, his artistic abilities, a pencil, a box cutter, some acrylic paint, and duct tape!  You can use any kind of balls or bean bags, we just happened to have these ones as hand-me-downs.

Thatcher loves this game so much, I think we’re keeping it for a while, and you can always switch out the monster for any other character for another party …. or simply stick a Christmas hat on him for a Christmas party and call it a day.  Ha!

img_9268 img_9273

Walk the Web!

Inspired by this post on Pinterest, this was again super easy and inexpensive to set up!  And Thatcher loves it!  We showed him how you want to balance on the lines of tape as you walk, and he thinks he’s tight rope walking!  We also put some toys in the middle, and asked him to try to collect them without touching the tape.  That game is still a little bit beyond him, but he has fun with it.  Another one I think we’ll keep up in the basement for a while…  Why not?!   🙂

This again can be easily modified for other occasions, for example, for Christmas, you can make a big Christmas tree, or a snowflake, etc.


Spider Web Gross Motor Activity:

*above photo used from this post on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/195273333816882186/

Pumpkin Ping Pong!

Inspired by this post on Pinterest, this was a HUGE HIT!!!  And it’s sooooooooo easy to make!!!  You just need balloons, paper plates, jumbo popsicle sticks, and scotch tape!  You can hang a strand of streamer across the room from wall to wall to add a “volleyball/badminton net/line” in the sky that the kids have to try to get the balloons over, but for these little guys and gals, we just told them to “keep the pumpkins in the air!”  “Don’t let them smash!”  And they LOVED it!!!

This is by far Thatcher’s favorite activity from the whole party, and they will definitely be sticking around our house for a while…  Ha!  We all, as a family, played this game for an hour the following night!  And it’s so easily modified for different occasions and it even packs so well, that we’re actually planning on taking this one with us on trips!!

img_9611 img_9612 img_9171 img_9168

Dracula Dungeon Crawl

Inspired by a Halloween party I remembered going to as a kid, I simply bought a bunch of cardboard boxes from The Home Depot, and fit them all together into a fun little configuration (no tape, just fit them together with their 4 flaps on the end like puzzle pieces), covered them with dollar store table cloths to make them more festive in an inexpensive and easy way, and sent the kids crawling!

This ended up being another one of Thatcher’s (and all his friends’) favorites too, and yep, it’s still up in our dining room.   🙂

A friend told me her church did this with tall enough boxes that they could walk through, and added some creepy things along the way, which sounds awesome!  But this was as far as I was going to go.  …this time.    🙂   Which ended up being just perfect for this age group.

Again, you can cover these boxes with any theme you’re going for.  Kids always love a little tunnel maze to crawl through.  🙂


Paint A Pumpkin

At a friend’s Halloween party on Saturday, she ended up doing Pumpkin Painting, which was a BIG HIT too!!!  I love the way she set it up!  She used paper plates, solo cups, paint brushes, washable paint, laid down a halloween table cloth, and had aprons on hand if you wanted to use them.  So easy, not messy, and quick to clean up!

img_9320_edit img_9331

She also had the kids rake her leaves into big piles, and let them jump into the piles.  🙂  Genius idea for getting your yard work done!   hahaha   😉    j/k   j/k    The kids loved it!!!!

img_9343 img_9347

And last but not least… the Monster Mash Dance Party at the end of the night.

Inspired by FUN, this was hands down the best part of the night.  And not just for me.   😉   All it takes is some sugar in their systems (check!), some great music (thank you Pandora Kidz Bop Radio!), and a few adults that are willing to boogie down too, and these kids will DANCE their little hearts out!  What fun!!!

Adding Dollar Store glow sticks to the mix is also (always) highly recommended.  I forgot to add them this time, but we brought some to our friend’s party the following night.  A definite hit.

img_9155_edit img_9153_edit img_9152_edit

As for food…

We provided pizza and some snacks, water, apple juice, and then opened it up for guests to BYOB as well as any side dish they feel so inclined to bring.  It ended up working great!!

I made pumpkin bread muffins and decorated them as you see below, lemon cookies decorated in the same way, jello with “eye-ball” blueberries in it, we bought and cooked a bunch of pizzas (because it’s more cost-effective, which just allows you to throw MORE parties 🙂 and we have a double oven, so they cooked pretty quickly!).  We went with paper plates and solo cups for easy cleanup, and I ALWAYS put out all the sippy-cups we own, as an option for parents.

Pinterest helped me with a few fun ideas too…

Red Ice Cube Hand in the punch – I ended up using red food coloring and just stuck the hand in water with cucumber slices for flavor

Candy Corn Chex Mix – I slightly modified this to be a little healthier

A friend brought clementines with jack o lantern faces drawn on them with sharpies and “eye ball” grapes.

Another friend brought a veggie platter.

And another made these delicious Fruit Loop Rice Crispy Treats (kinda like these) and added Halloween sprinkles on top!  They turned out SUPER yummy and looked awesome too!!

img_9098_edit img_9182 img_9181

As for the mess, the clean-up and my OCD…   🙂

This time, I set up a little “Hand-Washing Station”  🙂  AND put a trash can out in the middle of it all.  I also asked that they eat at the kids table and away from the carpet/couch, and like I said before, I included sippy cups on the table.  I have to say, that I think all of these things contributed because there was really very little mess to clean up at the end!

Also, having a dog always helps with that.  😉   Thanks Lucy.

img_9300 img_9301

Happy Halloween everyone!!!



Let me know if any of these were helpful and/or just fun to read.  And if you have any other suggestions for fun activities you’ve used!

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