TAP Tip no.39 – ALWAYS pack a lunch! ?? If not always… at least often!!


Our pooch had to use “the facilities”, so we pulled into this random spot, only to find it was a GEM!! ??

So we grabbed the blanket from the back of the car – I always keep one back there for this very reason! We grabbed our packed lunch – in this case, leftover veggie pizza, apples and grapes! No one said it has to be fancy! Ha! It was just what we could grab quickly on our way out the door! The diaper bag, so I could change him before heading home. And we all perched up for a lil impromptu family picnic on the water. ??

It was only because we had packed a lunch that we were able to stop at this random spot, on our way back from the pumpkin patch and have this family picnic followed by a beautiful Fall stroll through the woods!

















Otherwise… you’re always just rushing rushing rushing to get back for lunch and naps… Β ??

Memories made possible by a sack lunch!Β  πŸ™‚

Pack a lunch! ????  And take a minute to enjoy the minute.  ☺️??

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