TAP Tip no.27 – Stand your ground with Pack N Play escapees!

climbing-out-of-the-cribSooooooo THIS just started. ? Sorry the photo’s blurry… he was clearly on the move. 

See that little foot in the back, there? ? Yep, that’s him climbing out of the crib! While we’re on vacation! Switching between multiple pack n plays in multiple homes that are not baby-proofed, with bedroom doors he can easily open. Ugh. Ha! So it goes when you’re keeping active… ☺️

The solution: stand. your. ground. ?????? The other day, our lil battle of wills lasted for over an hour!! He’s a pretty strong-willed toddler. He’d climb out, open the door, walk right up to us and say “Hi!”. I’d say “I love you, but nope, back to bed” and go put him right back in. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. I tell you, that first day of this was rough! Felt like I was right back to sleep training again! ? BUT just like sleep training, he did finally give in after just the one long run at it, and has since not tried to get out of a pack n play ONCE!!! ??Sure, I could have taken him for a drive or a stroller ride, but then the message would not be clear. I needed him to not climb out, for his own safety! And I guess he got the message… because it worked!??

Another trick that I’ve heard works is having somebody else (like grandma) put him back down. The newness of them doing it vs you seems to work well too, if that’s an option.

Anything you’ve tried or heard about that works in these such jailbreak situations?  🙂

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