TAP Tip no.26 (Reiterating TAP Tip no.16) – Be a tourist in your hometown!!

aloha-festivalWe spent this Sunday afternoon at the Aloha Beach Festival in Ventura, CA with Thatcher’s grandma and grandpa. Turns out this was the 12th Annual Aloha Beach Festival in Ventura, and I CANNOT BELIEVE it was our first time going!!?

Why does this happen?? Yes, we now live in upstate NY, but just moved over a yr ago and we grew up in Ventura County, so really have no excuse for not having gone! It was super fun – vendors, music, Hawaiian dancing! Thatcher and I even went up on stage and joined in the audience dance sesh! ?? #goodtimes!!!

Just another reminder to act like a tourist in your own hometown!!! ????? Look up festivals in your surrounding area and put them on a calendar today!!

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