TAP Tip no.11 – For a walking toddler and shorter hikes, baby carrier vs a hiking pack!

I own the Osprey Poco Plus Hiking Backpack, which I LOVE!  Buuuuut when hiking with a toddler who loves doing a lot of the hiking himself, especially when hiking along with their little friends, anticipate they will want to be up, and down, and up, and down again. If it’s a shorter hike, I would definitely recommend using a baby carrier versus a proper hiking backpack – for the ease of getting them in and out, over and over…and over!  🙂  And finding a carrier that’s quick and easy to switch from front-facing to on your back, by yourself, and that’s ergonomically comfortable no matter how heavy your little one gets is key!! ????

After testing a number of carriers myself, doing a ton of research on it, and even having my sister-in-law essentially run market research with many of her active veteran-mom friends – ha! – the Baby Björn is really not very good, it’s ergonomically uncomfortable (baby feels like they weigh a TON!), the Ergobaby 360 is great (but baby still feels heavier than they actually are), and the Lillebaby Complete is juuuussst…perfect!!! ?? Really! Something about its ergonomics makes your child feel light as a feather, even when they’re not! And it grows with them from birth to 4yrs old without needing any inserts!

I absolutely LOVE my Lillebaby and have used it exclusively now for almost 2yrs! I’ll give a full detailed comparison on here soon, but if you’re looking to buy a baby carrier now (or even replace the one you have – highly recommended if you don’t like yours!), then this Lillebaby is the way to go!






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