TAP Tip no.1 – Organize! Organize! Organize!

It makes for much easier/quicker preparation and a much more spontaneous parent! Organize before the baby comes (prep LOTS of storage space, like anchored bookshelves with bins and cubbies in the baby and toy room), organize once the baby’s here (trains go in this bin, Legos go in that, and camping gear all goes on the third shelf in the garage, etc), and continue to organize as the baby grows (eg. the baby closet holds a laundry basket, a too small box for clothes, and an “outgrown it” box for toys)!

It takes a bit of effort up-front, but the more organized you can make your everyday life, the quicker you can clean the house for a last-minute play date or a dinner party, or get the fam out of the house for… saaaaay… a last-second Wednesday post-workday sunset canoe trip around a new lake PLUS picnic dinner on the beach!! β˜€οΈ???? And this was immediately AFTER a last-minute water play date at a friend’s backyard for the afternoon, the NIGHT BEFORE an evening of ultimate frisbee an hour away from home AND staying for dinner WITH the kiddo, and JUST PRIOR to a family weekend getaway to Boston WITH bikes AND the dog! Phew! I’ll think we’ll take a day off after Boston! Ha!Β  πŸ˜‰


thatch-cute-face-on-the-boat sunset-picnic-on-snyder-lakesunset-on-snyder-lake


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